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Welcome To Spiritual
Dream Weaving

Transformational Tools, Techniques, Clearings & Activations
To Awaken Your Dreams Into Reality

Are You Dreaming of A New Reality?

How Many of Your Beliefs & Patterns Are Not Yours?

Make Your Dreams Come True By Waking Up

Do Your Dreams of Financial Wealth Seem Unattainable?

Could Your Old Stories Be What's Really Blocking Your Happiness & Joy?

Start Dream Weaving All of Your Desires Into Reality 

Do You Dream of a Life Filled With More Ease,
Happiness & Joy?


What Would It Feel Like To Have More
Abundance & Prosperity?



What Do Your Dream Relationships
Really Look Like?


Spiritual Dreamweaving & Releasing

Until you have resolved your Limiting Patterns, Beliefs and Programs, all of your Dreams & Desires are entangled and limited by a distorted energetic component. There is also accumulated affects from past life spiritual experiences of disappointment, despair and let down.

New Spiritual Dreamweaving Membership 


Transformational Healing Videos

The heart of the Ancestral Matrix Membership Program are the Divine Light Alchemy Transformational Videos.
They are Enhanced with Amazing Energy and I have created over 200 to assist you in all areas of your Spiritual Journey.


Pyramid Energy Healing

The Divine Light Alchemy Scalar Pyramid Energy, assist you with your Divine Intentions.

Healing Transmissions

Ancestral Matrix Members also receive a Monthly Healing Transmission from Debi Rose.

Transforming & Releasing Your Self Limiting Programming &

Creating Your New Reality Has Never Been Easier.